Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oregon Cannabis Inhaler Company Creates Investor Value by Educating Labor Through Lecture Series

One Gro University Lecture Series: “Selling Securities in a Start-Up: Federal Rules Designed to Protect Investors” 

Mike, Cat, Randy, PJ, Kirstin, Brandon
Yes, One Gro owns four OLCC recreational marijuana licenses (3 tier 2 outdoor and 1 wholesale, and has another five pending (edible kitchen, dispensary, processing facility, and tier 1 indoor). However, at One Gro one of our most important assets continues to be people and the systems they develop. Consequently, we invest heavily in them just as they have invested in us.

We recognize that today’s team leaders are tomorrow’s middle or upper management. So, we want to cross-train them on the entire marijuana business. Are you a leader on the drying barn construction crew? Come learn about Organic Chemistry and the Science of THC Extraction. Are you a farm laborer? Come learn about how to fund a start-up without violating federal law. Are you a dispensary bud tender? Come learn about HVAC/Drying/Curing.  Want to learn about the growth of our company? Get a crash course in our THC and CBD inhalers we are launching in Oregon and plan to launch in other states in 2018.

We want our company’s leadership to be well rounded and ready to jump into an emerging market or new opportunity or crisis on a moment’s notice. But we also recognize that not everyone is a lifelong One Gro employee. People move on. We want to see our former employees working their way up into the leadership of our nation’s fastest growing industry. We want them to be more than a laborer. We want our talented individuals to be able to do anything and succeed in the marijuana industry like no one else.

That’s why tonight we spent an hour discussing the SEC and the Securities Act of 1933. Now that we are publicly soliciting private investment from accredited investors under 506(c), everyone is potentially going to be asked about the company by potential investors they may know. We want to ensure that the best practices are employed in our standard operating procedures to protect the company and potential investors, thus keeping our company clean and valuable for future acquisition.

We strive to create value for our friends and family that took a risk on our ideas when we had nothing. And we strive to create a labor-management relationship that is respectful and mutually enriching.

Interested in learning more about One Gro Marijuana Stock? 

Email Mike at OneGro dot com or leave a voicemail at 541-525-9117 or a private message on our One Gro Facebook Page.

We are still at $1/share as we close this first round and our first harvest. Accredited investors only. $100,000 gets you 1% at full dilution or roughly 1.6% now (refer to PPM/financials). PM regarding your level of interest and investor status.

One Gro Management Team:

by Mike Arnold

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Mike Arnold is the strategic director and co-founder of one of the area's most successful law firms. As co-founder of Versus Publishing, Mike is the co-author of "Finishing Machine," a true crime/non-fiction book based on one of his most challenging murder cases. His legal exploits have been featured on national media, including forming the basis of a CBS 48 Hours episode entitled, "Trail of Tears." In addition to his legal expertise, Mike has experience in farming/agriculture and media management.

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