Friday, October 16, 2009

How consistent are sentences in Lane County for major crimes?

Consistency in sentencing is important. The local print media does a fair job in reporting on individual cases but typically fails to report how a given case fits in with other recent similar cases. Here's a snapshot of some of Lane County's recent high profile sentences.

5.8 yrs. - What does it take to get 70 months in prison?

The Russian Armed Robbers - 2009

  • Crimes: 2 take-over style armed robberies of a Junction City market and a Coburg coffee kiosk.
  • Plea deal: faced Robbery I and at least 140 months, pleaded to two Robbery IIs.
  • Firearm: one sawed off shotgun in the clerks faces.
  • Victims: Multiple clerks and customers including a 10-year-old girl who watched her mom have a shot gun in her face.
  • Likely Motive: funding meth habit
  • Criminal History: 1 defendant had prior Burg 1, UUV, Forg 1, and other crimes.
  • Number of Perpetrators: 3
  • Judge: No discretion in sentence; stipulated prison term.
  • Prosecutor: Lane
  • Defense Attorneys: Jeffery M. Jones (retained); Ferder (retained); Rainwater (appointed)
  • News Reports: R-G
11.6 yrs - What does it take to get 140 months?

The Mazzi/Beaudet Jewelry Simulated Armed Heists - 2009
  • Crimes: 6 takeover-style armed robberies with a toy gun; robbed Mazzi's Restaraunt four times; robbed Beaudet's twice.
  • Plea deal: faced at least 360 months (30 years) and California, Nevada, and the Feds agreed not to pursue at least four other similar robberies.
  • Firearm: air pistol or BB gun.
  • Victims: Multiple clerks and customers feared being executed.
  • Likely Motive: Gambling debts. Likely greed and thrill.
  • Criminal History: none; model student.
  • Number of Perpetrators: 1
  • Judge: No discretion in sentence; stipulated term.
  • Prosecutor: Schwartz
  • Defense Attorney: Deal (appointed)
  • News Reports: R-G 1/2/09; 1/3/09.

17.5 yrs - What does it take to get 210 months?

ATM Carjackings - 2009

  • Crimes: 3 women kidnapped and ordered to drive to ATMs and then their addresses were stolen as threats to victims.
  • Plea deal: faced 43+ years; Agreed to a range of 70-210 months.
  • Firearm: none but one threatened and purportedly hidden.
  • Victims: Three women over five days.
  • Likely Motive: funding heroin habit
  • Criminal History: minimal.
  • Number of Perpetrators: 2
  • Judge: Cindy Carlson.
  • Prosecutor: Lane
  • Defense Attorneys: Coit (retained); Arnold (retained); Volmert (appointed)
  • News Reports: R-G

20 years - What does it take to get 240 months?

Eugene's Deadliest Drunk Driving Accident in History - 2009

  • Crimes: Runs read light at 92 mph killing two adults and two children and critically injuring another child while 0.21% BAC.
  • Plea Deal: pleaded to indictment - Manslaughter I x 4; Assault 2; Reckless Driving. According to the news reports, court had discretion to impose 46 years.
  • Victims: four deaths; one critically injured child.
  • Likely Motive: left the bar angry
  • Criminal History: unknown
  • Number of Perpetrators: 1
  • Judge: Billings
  • Prosecutor: Vill.
  • Defense Attorney: Cascagnette (appointed); Koenig (appointed on limited basis)
  • News Reports: KVAL; RG; Fox


22.7 yrs - What does it take to get 272 months?

Romania Chevrolet SUV Ecosabotage - 2001

  • Crimes: set fire to three SUVs while under federal domestic counter terrorism surveillance with one security guard present. Also, attempted to set fire to Tyree Oil Co.
  • Plea deal in 2001: none. Bench trial. Convicted of Arson I x 3; Attempted arson I x unlawful possession of a destructive device x 2; unlawful manufacture of a destructive device; criminal mischief I; attempted criminal mischief I.
  • Plea deal in 2008: Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that crimes should have merged. Resentenced to 10 years.
  • Victims: SUVs were salvageable. Original prosecutor argued risk to fire fighters and night watchman.
  • Likely Motive: political/environmental
  • Criminal History: none.
  • Number of Perpetrators: 2
  • Judge: Velure (2001); Billings (2008)
  • Prosecutor: Tracy (2001); Hasselman (2008)
  • Defense Attorneys: Barnes (retained 2001); Regan (retained resentencing after appeal)
  • News Reports: EW; RG

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