Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clio instead of TimeSlips and Time Matters falls short for managing associates

Clio appears to be a wonderful web based program but it cannot tell you how much money an associate attorney has actually collected. It can only tell you what they billed.  They are hoping to have this report capability by the end of the year.  They seem to be going more for the sole practitioner or small partnerships.  Hopefully they will grow a bit because they have some great capabilities. 

Mike Arnold,
Managing Partner
Arnold Law Office, LLC
Eugene, Oregon

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  1. Mike: We are thinking about switching to Clio, from Time Slips. Do you think its ready for prime time-- does it integrate better with Timeslips, now?

    Any thoughts, would be really appreciated.

    Jeff Katz
    JDKatz, P.C.